Saturday, January 29, 2011

Faithfulness and Failure

As I have been reading this week's lessons I have begun to ponder how patient God was (is!). King after king was "evil in the sight of the LORD." Failure. And then there were the kings who followed the LORD as their ancestors did BUT still allowed the worship of other gods by the people. Failure!

But the LORD continued to bring into the midst of the kingdom prophets who reminded the kings, and the people, of the ways of the God. God's instruments, faithfulness in the midst of failure. Ultimately, the behavior of the people of God landed them in exile, away from the temple, away from the presence of the LORD.

What is exile other than separation from the LORD/God? 
Where have I become exiled from God in my life because of my personal decisions?
How does my journey in faithfulness keep me connected to God? What is my prayer? To whom do I listen? 

Fortunately, my journey is not completely in exile as I am part of a much larger community where I can be corrected, encouraged, taught, lifted in prayer, forgiven, challenged... my story continues as does God's story through me and through the community.

Praise be to God!

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