Monday, May 28, 2012

An Anniversary and a Birthday

I've discovered that it is really easy to write a blog while walking the elliptical or riding the stationary bike. The only problem is that I cannot remember the great thoughts!

Today John and I celebrate our 18th anniversary and I turn 65 on Friday. These special dates on the calendar have gotten me thinking a lot about life lately and it's twists and turns. 

John and I met in the dining hall at Cedarkirk Camp and Conference Center in Lithia Florida on a February noon in the company of about 65 people. They had no idea but we did... life changed in that moment. Not long afterward we were married in one of the outdoor chapels at the camp, along with our children, family members and a few friends. It was a fun (hot) weekend complete with a trip to Epcot at Disney. It's been a good journey and we enjoy being partners. Happy Anniversary!

Now, turning 65 is a whole other story! Where has the time gone? Last week John and I attended a concert by Loudon Wainwright. His song Double Lifetime ends with this, "And the second time around I'm gonna get it right. Give me a double lifetime." It is so very true, it takes a lifetime to learn how to live life well! Give me a second chance to do it better. Yes, I have regrets, too numerous to share. But I am not sure if given a second lifetime (living to 120?) I would be any more accomplished. I am happy and grateful for life as it has unfolded.

But about those regrets... One can be overwhelmed with grief if these moments reoccur in one's mind too often. Rehearsing setbacks and poor decisions can be very depressing. But the images often do pop into my mind. Life cannot be re-wound but it can be a teaching tool. That's where my faith kicks into high gear! I do not need to beat up myself over these regrets because I have faith in a gracious God. As I have fallen short of the image of life that God/Jesus has given me I also am assured that I am forgiven. A day doesn't pass without my giving thanks for a gracious God!

Now... on to happier thoughts! Retirement continues to bring new opportunities to try something different. It is so fun to say "yes" to new things and well as grow into the commitments that I have...
  • training to be consultants with the pre-retirement workshops for the Presbyterian Board of Pensions,
  • continuing as Stated Clerk for the Presbytery of Boise... where I can use my knowledge but am continually challenged to learn,
  • being part of our grand-children's lives as they grow up - what joy they bring to us
  • working with a trainer at the gym.... having never exercised a day (hardly) in my life this is a real challenge
  • discovering Idaho
  • discovering the world in travel
The list grows almost daily as I (we) seek to be deliberate about not being static in our life. Maybe that is the lesson of a double lifetime... live as if there is no end and that there is always more to learn. 


  1. Happy Birthday and Anniversary! So thankful for you. And the reminder to be intentional in the living of our lives is a good reminder at any age!
    Looking forward to GA!

  2. Happy Anniversary and Birthday! I am thankful that you are living and sharing your journey with us. Enjoy the special occasions and celebrate the ordinary!