Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Gift of Grandchildren

I have just returned to Boise from a visit in Alabama with my daughter and grandchildren who are 16 (soon to be 17) and 15. Being with two teenagers definitely gives one insight into what makes life tick.

One of the gifts of the visit was our "talk" time. Here is what I learned about David and Amanda...
My grandchildren have beautiful spirits and are Spirit-filled.
They believe in God and like to go to their youth group (LIFT) to play, be silly, sing, study, to be cared for, encouraged, and challenged to think about God. They serve others in very different circumstances through mission outreach opportunities without compunction.
They care about making good choices for themselves and others. As teenagers this is a challenge! Living in a permissive culture confounds them at times.
They worry about appearing hypocritical to their family and friends because they "believe in God" but sometimes don't act in a good way toward others.  They struggle with the meaning of forgiveness... of grace... of redemption... of confession... of love... in their personal spiritual journeys. (Hopefully they will continue this all their lives!)
They care about learning! School may not always be a happy place but they are beginning to realize that an education opens doors for their future. They are still working on the value of personal discipline in relation to meeting goals in life, but then don't we all.
They are testing relationships outside the home - what does it mean to be "friends" with another person of the opposite sex? What are safe and good boundaries?
They love to dress up and have a party! We celebrated Amanda's QuinceaƱera and had a grand time. What a beautiful young woman she is!
Computers, cell phones, i-Pods, game boxes, etc. are a natural part of their lives. One is hardly ever without one of these appendages! But I didn't see it as intrusive. They just like to communicate - and do so constantly.
And both David and Amanda still like to play games and watch Disney/Pixar movies in the theater with Grandma!
I come home from this visit with great hope for David and Amanda and a grateful heart for their mother for the love she has for her children. Yes, they have the "typical" teenage attitudes, but they are also thinkers and seekers. They are curious about new things and happy to be a friend to others. And, yes, I am a proud grandma.

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