Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This is my "STAR" word for the year, on which I will contemplate from time to time. When my friend chose it for me my initial reaction was one of disappointment. Couldn't I have "joy" or "peace" or even "change"? But I was given the gift of completeness instead.

Today John and I visited my second cousin and his wife in Sarasota FL. They are contemporaries of my parents (Mom and Ken were "first" cousins) and I grew up calling them aunt and uncle. But these days they are Ken and Shirley.

Ken just celebrated his 90th birthday with his family. Today we talked about how good life had treated him, how thankful he was that his company had a good retirement program and how the health insurance was superior. For Ken, at this stage of his life, he is thankful to be taken care of by the very people he gave his adult years to in the work world.  He is well cared for by his bride of almost 65 years; they smile contentedly at each other when they share that news. He shared about the recent birth of his first great grand child, a little girl, and how happy it made him feel.

It reminded me of my word, completeness. Ken's life is near being completed. It has been a life filled with kindness, hard work, loyalty, family, volunteerism, honesty and faithfulness among other traits. His life is complete. He is satisfied. He lives out his days happily knowing that he did well.

So today Ken is my model for completeness, for balance and love of living. May I listen closely.

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