Friday, February 14, 2014

Completeness #3 - Valentine's Day Reflection

Today is Valentine's Day. I began the day by posting a link to a nextavenue (PBS) article with a good list - 11 Heartwarming Quotes About Grown-Up Love. They are lovely reminders of mature love.

Today is also my daughter's wedding day. I will not be there with her and that makes me sad. But it also occurs to me that being married on Valentine's Day by design is an expression of hope for Grown-Up Love. At least that is what I yearn for her and I believe Jennifer and Erik are getting a good beginning. Congratulations!

Today is also day #71 of recovery from major foot surgery. Not being able to walk limits one severely. Dependency is not my style but I immediately embraced the concept and have leaned on John all these days. Grown-Up Love reigns in our household. Thank you John for your consistent love, care, encouragement.

Today we received a Valentine's Day card as well as remembrances through social media from my son and his friend. David and Marianne live in NYC where one can become engaged, be married or re-dedicate a marriage on Times Square today. Can that be any more sweet (and convenient)?! I love the energy. One may question if it is Grown-up Love or not, but I celebrate the spontaneous side of love today seeing there photos.

Match-Maker, a heart-shaped maze of 12 metal tubes, summons lovers to Duffy Square this February. Wander towards your Zodiac sign, and discover your match’s blinking baby blues waiting on the other end of your gaze.  

Snap a photo and share with @TimesSquareNYC using #LoveTimesSquare and your photo may appear on the #NASDAQ tower in Times Square! Photo Credit: Ka-Man Tse for @TSqArts             She said yes! Congrats to all our newly engaged & married couples today - the #LoveTimesSquare continues at 6pm with a vow renewal ceremony... open to all. 

Today I also received a beautiful card from my husband. The sentiment is perfect for our relationship. We had agreed no cards since I am not driving and recalled that we have often laughed over the years about his inability to connect February 14 with Valentine's Day. When his online card didn't arrive this morning in his inbox I discovered that I had put the 15th as the delivery day. We had a good laugh... my turn to not "get it."

So, what does this have to do with my journey this year with "Completeness?" Everything! Each year it pains me that there are countless (literally) women and men, who feel deep disappointment about not being remembered in love because an industry sets the standard. Today I celebrate the "complete" love of my husband who is likely more than ready to be done with all it takes to keep a house and me going but never expresses the sentiment. I celebrate family who seek love in their lives. But mostly I celebrate completeness in love as a journey, sometimes moment by moment, that seeks to hold another in respect; with joy and pain, with success and failure, with consistency and spontaneity.

Happy Valentine's Day family and friends. I love you and commit to the journey of our completeness.

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