Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Robins Have a Way

I am up at first light this morning at our vacation home, affectionately called a "cabin," in McCall ID. It was not my choice. I blame it on the robins. The chorus of the robins caught my attention early today and I could not help but get drawn into their enthusiasm for the day. But I also observed last night that the robins were the last to say "good-night" with their chatter to each other at the last light of dusk. How drawn I have been in the last few hours to the resting and rising of birdsong. There is obviously a lesson here for me.

Enjoy each day to the fullest! 

Yesterday brought the lesson that life is fragile and fleeting. As we were driving to McCall through the mountains along the river traffic suddenly came to a stand still. This is never a good sign on a winding two lane road. Our alternate route was up, up, up over a very narrow dirt road. That would be an adventure except traffic became two-ways and we were on the side of the steep drop-off. John was exceptional in his navigation. We learned later that a mother and her child died yesterday and four others are critically injured. There is no song but a mourning groan for this news.

But the robin song brought solace in the evening and joy in the morning.

We were productive yesterday meeting the goal of our quick trip north. We purchased and planted 8 pots of flowers along the deck and in front of the garage. Picking reasonably priced (flowers can be very expensive), colorful, tall/short/wavy plants is energizing for me. I love getting my hands dirty!

View from the deck

But we no sooner finished than we had a visitor check out the possibility of dinner.

Fortunately we have an answer to saving our flowers or we would not go to all the work, at least I hope it works..... Irish Spring Soap! For some reason deer do not like the smell of this soap and usually stay away. John calls them my little blue eggs - the soap cut into pieces and placed in the planters. We'll see who wins.

But it brought me right back to the fragility of life, inviting introspection. If I let myself, I can become self-absorbed in a heart beat; worrying about age creeping up on me with my physical challenges, the lack of time, the concerns that I carry for others. Am I "spiritual" enough? Have I been a good mother and wife and friend?

Then came the robins.

It is a new day! Today it is sunny but it wouldn't matter if it was cloudy with a chance of rain. It is a new day, one filled will possibility and hope and challenge and productivity and celebration and quietness and Spirit.

Let the robins sing!

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