Friday, October 24, 2014

I Quit

I quit! How many times did I say that growing up? Usually it was an expression of frustration that reflected my state of ability at the time... couldn't score goals... couldn't reach the high note consistently... couldn't dance as good as friends... couldn't understand the math question... You remember! The feeling of inadequacy could be overwhelming and saddening.

I quit! It took some time, years really, before I could overcome those feelings of inadequacy. How did it happen? There were small successes, good grades, deciding it was okay to have fewer friends with whom I felt comfortable, learning it really didn't matter what others thought of me. I became comfortable with my "self" and I quit comparing.

"I quit" brought many gifts with it. Life was suddenly interesting rather than threatening. People became fascinating and I began to truly listen to their fears and triumphs. Fear of the unknown became exciting rather than paralyzing. I became open to new possibilities for my life.

I began writing this blog because today I quit Twitter. Not that I used it that much, but I quit. I began to realize that I didn't need to be influenced by what others thought about this or that, even in real time. It had become an invasion into my mind. So, I quit! I think I quit for the right reasons for me.  

It seems to me that in the Fall of the year I often take an inventory of my life - what is it that wastes my time? what is it that invades my mind with negative thoughts? what is it that I want to release to make room for the new? The ultimate search is to find time to really listen to God and to see if I am being called to quit and start something new. May it be so.

Photo by David Bone 
(my son, let me know if you want to see more of his work)

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