Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cali Cat

Okay, I will admit right up front that I am not a pet person. On our cul-de-sac of five houses there are seven dogs and two cats. Obviously I am not one of the owners. But I do appreciate the warmth and personalities of pets. Thus my Cali Cat story.

Cali Cat is not her name but she now understands that is my name for her. Now CC was once a feral cat who adopted my neighbors who moved her inside. When they moved to Boise she decided that being outside was safe and being curious she began to explore the neighborhood. That is where our story begins.

When our neighbors would be working in the yard, CC would always be near. While we were talking she would look me over very carefully... time after time after time, never coming close. I would talk to her, no response. But little by little she decided I might be safe and came to sniff and see how rubbing against my leg would feel. So far so good but the friends had warned me, "Don't try to pet her!" So I didn't.

It took months before she sat down the first time and invited me to pet her. That went pretty well for a few seconds then off she ran. But after that day I would find Cali Cat on our front porch in the morning waiting for a greeting when I fetched the paper. She would talk with me but wasn't ready for a petting. I would also find her in the back yard in the area that seems to breed mice (the picture above). I began calling her Cali Watch Cat and she showed up more and more.

One day I was getting the mail by the street and poof! out of nowhere came Cali Cat, begging for a petting. I was amazed and obliged. From that point forward our relationship changed. When I walk outside, there she would come trotting through the trees for a greeting. Obviously we had bonded - well on Cali Cat's terms.

Yesterday John and I were returning home from voting and I noticed Cali Cat by her owners' garage door and she took off! She trotted to our garage and was waiting for me when I got out of the car. She won't go near John but waited until she felt safe to come to me. The greeting lasted seconds and she was off but I suddenly had a different feeling toward her.

Cali Cat pays attention. She knows my routine and it is as if she wants me to know that she knows. It is really clever of her and I find I like it!

But the story goes beyond for me. I was talking to a friend recently who was in the space of wondering where God was in life circumstances. It occurred to me that Cali Cat is reminding me (and my friend) that God lurks, God is near-by, God knows my routine, God cares. And if I am patient and seek connection I will realize how close God is in my life, even when I don't know so concretely.

Thanks Cali Cat.

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