Monday, April 18, 2016


Recently Life has caught me off guard, gotten my attention, left me feeling both fragile and thankful. Gratitude runs deep for family and friends (today the focus will be on the women) who have graced my life in these days.

As many of you know, a couple of weeks ago my great granddaughter was suspected to have leukemia by her pediatrician. The overwhelming sense of fear was palpable for my granddaughter Amanda (18) her mother Jennifer and myself. Thank goodness for FaceTime and cell phones that kept me connected at a moment’s notice.

I am grateful for a woman doctor who is observant and deeply committed to her patients and families. Out of the ordinary, she made herself available via email and was responsive when contacted. She was proactive about potential medical needs as well. When she called Amanda with the final results of blood work her opening statement was “prayer works.”

I am overwhelmed with the maturity, love, and emotional strength of my 18-year old granddaughter, Amanda. Sure there were lots of tears, fear, and an immediate feeling of being overwhelmed. But I watched as she researched the disease, formed her questions, asked her doctor for clarification and through it all remained a “normal” routine of mothering. She is an amazing mom to Katalina.

My daughter, Jennifer, is another hero in this recently journey. Her strength for Amanda was so beautiful to observe. Her immediate response to the medical news was to enlist prayer warriors. Within hours the request had gone from East to West and even out of the country. Jennifer is also a woman who lives with chronic pain but manages to be an excellent teacher, wife, mother, daughter, and friend to many. Life is not easy for her but she marches onward bringing joy to others.

The list goes on… women who prayed and laid hands on Kati… for my daughter-in-law to be for being a strong woman who has vision... for Sue who blogs about the ordinary activities of daily living and makes them sacramental… for extended family who express concern and care... for Angela who writes beautiful weekly devotionals that are invitational and grace-filled… for friends who support me from afar with their strength and care… for moms challenged daily with difficult children who are determined to get them the best care possible… for a friend who invites me to be creative when I don’t think I have a creative bone in my body… for another friend who helps me be able to walk… for poetry reflecting the nuances of living… for neighbors who watch out and care for each other… you all know who you are in my life without naming.

Thank you! Thank you for reminding me that when life feels fragile that faith bolsters, love matters, friendships are essential and that the moment doesn’t have the final say. Thank you for inviting me to be creative and metaphorical as I meander through the day. Each of you have graced my hours and brought me joy in the moment. You make my life rich.

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